Naked Theater

Naked Theater was a festival of new one act plays centered around the theme of being emotionally exposed.
It was produced in October of 2012 at The Crown Theater in New York City.

MORNING AFTER By Jeremiah Murphy
Directed by Tom Evans, Assistant Director Meredith Rich
Brian has a lot of questions when he wakes up gagged and blindfolded in a stone room with no memory of the night before. But rather then filling in the blanks, Pete and company instead force him to make a life changing decision on the spot.
Featuring: Sheira Feuerstein, Matthew Friedman, Charles, Henshaw, and Matthew Dean Wood

BUT NOT FOR LOVE by Harrison David Rivers
Directed by Victoria Grazioli
Three friends try to survive a wedding reception and the memories of their past. As the night drags on, they reveal more abut themselves than they ever intended.
Featuring: Jeremiah Jurkiewicz, Olivia Luna, and Tom Slot

THE BABY MONITOR by David Stallings
Directed by Claire Nasuti
New parents, Damon and Phillip, are forced to confront the prejudice of a family member after she has social services investigate a trumped-up charge.
Featuring: Matthew Friedman, Stephanie Haring, and Matthew Dean Wood

STORAGE By Tariq Hamami
Directed by Tom Slot
Denis visits a sperm bank to get his sperm frozen before starting treatment for cancer. Things get complicated when Pat comes to make his own donation and is placed in the same room.
Featuring: Danielle Guidi, Kelsey Schelling, Tatyana Kalko, and R. Alex Murray

Directed by Tom Slot
A single mother is forced to turn over her passwords to be considered for a new job and a new life. But when they ask her to erase a memory as well, Francesca has to decide how far she’s willing to go in this eye-opening look into our possible future.
Featuring: Paul Caron, Danielle Guidi, Tatyana Kalko, and R. Alex Murray