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Hazel's roommate Molly has always been a little off the beaten path.But when Molly drags a dead body into their apartment and claims it's the Devil, the boundaries of their friendship are truly tested. Dead Guy, a new dark comedy by Jordan Swisher.

Kristi and ClaireBill and Kristi

Dead Guy was first performed in New York to sold out houses at The Manhattan Repertory Theatre. The show opened on Febuary 15, 2012. Originally planned for a two week run, the production was extended through March 15, 2012 due to popular demand. The production was produced by Original Binding Productions and was directed by Tom Slot. The production starred Claire Nasuti as Molly, Kristi Barron as Hazel, Bill Bria as Jack, Victoria Grazioli as Mrs. Greensteen, and Paul Caron as Dead Guy.