peter voakes

Meredith Rich

Peter Voakes is a musician whose pursuit of music has taken him through many different instruments and genres, and still hasn't stopped. Beginning with piano lessons at a young age, he gave those up when he decided he wanted to play the trumpet. Through middle school, high school, and college, he played jazz trumpet and fancied a life of hepcatism. However, upon graduating from Indiana University, he drove up to Toronto, bought an old organ, and played it in one of Bloomington, Indiana's finest neo-psychedelic bands, The Vegetables. After a few years of gigging relentlessly, the band fell apart and Peter hitched a ride to New York City, where he started to play drums in one of NYC's finest goofball punk bands, Magic Tricks. As with most goofball punks, they just couldn't keep it together, and now Peter is playing drums in one of NYC's finest soft-prog pop bands, Lost Gloves. When he isn't playing with Lost Gloves, he can be found in Brooklyn, teaching Claire to play the guitar and trying to figure out the solo from 8 Miles High. He is excited to bring his hepcat-neo-psych-goofball-prog musical sensibilities to Original Binding Productions.