london griffith

London Griffith

London’s love for the stage started early in life. Her mother cites her first declaration of love for the stage at the age of two, when she finished her first dance recital, and instead of going to the studio the next day, she insisted on going back to the stage. This of course encouraged her mother to sign her up for more dance classes and getting her involved with theater at the ripe young age of five. She played an Oompa Loompa and not only loved it, but remembered it! Since then she has found a home with theater geeks all over the country. 

After growing up in Alaska, Arkansas, South Dakota, and Montana, she found herself attending college at the University of Central Arkansas for a year. College life and London didn’t get along to well, and she ended up back in Montana working three jobs to earn enough to pursue her first dreams of being on stage. The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts accepted her on a partial scholarship and she started in the Film & Television program in January 2008. She graduated in May 2009 and never left New York. 

London has acted, stage managed, and produced in greatest city in the world. And as an active member in both BOO-Arts Productions and MTWorks, she is now thrilled to join Original Binding Productions as an associate member. She looks forward to discovering this great city, ever evolving craft, and the mysteries of sci-fi as she continues to pursue her journey as an active member of the wide spread artistic community that encompasses this crazy, beautiful planet.

Although her first love is, and continues to be the theater, she has many different interests, ranging from the occasional tea party at Alice's Tea Cup, to cheering on the Bronx Bombers in the bleachers. She occasionally hangs out with a "kung fu fight club", not that she can talk about it, and would rather watch Bruce Willis save the world than watch Kate Hudson get weepy over a guy. She is an avid fan of John Wayne, chocolate chip cookies, and the 4th of July. She bakes better than almost anyone, ever, and is consistently on the search for the perfect cocktail. However if she ever manages to leave the city, you will find her with a fishing pole and a cold one on the bank of a river just enjoying life.
Favorite roles include, Euturpe, “The Empress of Sex”; Mary , “It’s A Wonderful Life; the Radio Play”; Penny, “You Can’t Take It With You”; The Widow, “The Taming of the Shrew”; Kay Banks, “Father of the Bride.” For more information about London and what she’s up to next check out her website or follow her on Twitter @LondonGriffith.