matthew dean wood

Matthew Dean Wood

Matthew Dean Wood was a late bloomer in regards to acting. He spent a good part of his childhood watching his sister perform and was quite content being a crew member. That is, until he got an opportunity to perform on stage with his sister as twins, even though they were twelve years apart in real life. He had her as a support system and fell in love with the performing aspect immediately and has not looked back since.

He studied Drama at Queensborough and continued growing as an artist. His greatest breakthrough moments came after transferring to Queens College, where his craft grew significantly after working with such wonderful actors such as Academy Award Nominee Stephen Rea, Tony Award Nominee Charles Repole, Paul Michael Valley, and John Hickok. He also learned a great deal studying film acting with Zach Galligan. 

A year before graduating Queens College, he had the amazing opportunity of studying Irish Theatre at the University of Galway in Galway, Ireland. It was there that he studied drama and performed as Christy Mahon in The Playboy of the Western World, as well as portraying the love struck yet tragic Yoland in Translations, by Brian Friel. This experience enhanced his love, appreciation, and dedication to his craft to a significantly to the largest degree imaginable. He graduated Queens College in 2009 with honors and was presented with the Robin Hirshfield Miller Award for Outstanding Achievement in Acting. 

He couldn't be happier to be an Associate member of Original Binding productions where he's confident that this amazing ensemble will put up original productions worthy of Off-Broadway/Broadway Quality.