Claire Nasuti

Tom Slot

Claire Nasuti fell in love with theater when she first acted out her one-woman version of Gone With The Wind in her living room at age six, complete with southern accent, costumes, eating and spitting out a carrot. Since then, she's gone through different phases of being type cast - comedic side-kick, girl-next-door, ingenue, and most recently, crazy semi-evil girl. Claire's theater education has ranged from performance art to verse theater (and sometimes a combination of the two). She loves working with directors that push her, writers that challenge her, and actors who are constantly raising the bar.

Claire studied Theater and Dance at Trinity College in Hartford, CT. She graduated with honors and was elected Phi Beta Kappa. At Trinity, she experimented with directing, writing and performance art; she was able to perform her one-woman show, "X-Mas", at LaMama ETC as part of the Trinity/LaMama program. While in school she collaborated and performed in The Ordinary Theater's "S"; she also wrote and directed a political clown piece on the health care system "Insert Clever Title Here", and an interpretation of the radio play Under Milkwood by Dylan Thomas inspired by the writings of Bachelard.

Since graduating, she became an associate director of A Festival of Fools, a verse theater company dedicated to lesser known and original verse shows. With the Fools, Claire portrayed The Good Angel in Marlowe's Faustus, Inez Serrano in Sartre's No Exit, Rosaura in Calderon de la Barca's Life's a Dream, Linda Summers in Rough Magic, and The Rogue Dame in Imposter Striketh Back, an original verse play inspired by the world of Star Wars. In addition to performing, she co-directed and wrote original music for the Fools' production of Yeats' On Baile's Strand.

She's also performed at ATA as a Temple Maiden in Iphigenia in Tauris, and at The Looking Glass theater as Brenda in Who Is Dan Schiller? Her musical credits include chorus in Tom Slot's Father of Songs. Most recently, she was seen in the world premiere of Jordan Swisher's Dead Guy as Molly. She's a founding member of Original Binding, and is beyond thrilled to be working with so many talented artists. When not performing, Claire can be found tutoring students, teaching herself guitar, crafting various items, or attempting to cook at her apartment in Brooklyn.