mission statement

We believe that the greatest art comes from that which connects us all. To that end, we are a community first, producing original work and original interpretations of classical work that bring joy and offer insight into the world, ourselves, and the human condition. We believe all artists should actively work for the betterment of that community, and as such, our members are encouraged to perform acts of service, as well as acts of creativity, for the good of the community at large.

Breathing life into the author's work is our highest priority, which frees us to focus on forging those human bonds with each other and our audience that are the soul of all great performances, and from which we all learn and grow.

We accept projects in theater (musical and traditional), film, online, or any other viable medium.


At Original Binding Productions serving the community is an important part of the work we do. As a group we take part in four service projects every year, each timed to coincide with a new artistic production. In addition, we encourage our members to volunter and seek out other service oppurtinities year round. Whether its helping out at a food kitchen or performing at a childrens hospital, we try to make a different on and off stage. If you would like to join us on our next service project, please contact us.

We have worked with the following charities over the years:

Light Up The Room Foundation


God's Love We Deliever

WIN (Women In Need NYC)

our process

Original Binding focuses on a truly collaborative form of project development. Every new submission to the company is carefully graded by our OBP Reading Committee, a panel of experienced artists and writers who have all had works presented in New York City, in regional theaters, and on film and television.

Once a project has received a high score, a company Advocate is given responsibility for the project. He or she will meet with the Artistic Director to pitch the project for a workshop reading or potential production. The author will then interview with the Executive Board. After a writer is interviewed and a project is approved to the workshop or production slate, a company member will be named as the director, and work with the Executive Board to carefully cast the work.

This is where the OBP Process uniquely shines. During the initial read through of the script, each actor is encouraged to explore their characters thoroughly, and take careful notes of their character’s development and arc throughout the piece. Immediately following the initial reading, the company will have an open discussion of the work, with each actor advocating for their character’s place in the overall piece. This is the key step to our collaborative approach, and is why so many writers continue to return to O B P with their new projects.

Once a writer has processed the feedback and incorporated any changes, the project moves into the next phase of production, from a private or public reading to a fully staged or filmed presentation. A writer can confidently move forward with their work through the OBP process, having received respectful, focused feedback from a highly experienced and trained group of like minded professionals.

Original Binding Productions – a creative sanctuary to develop new work. Work which connects us all, brings joy and insight, and reminds us of the original binding we all share.If you are interested in submitting your work for consideration, please attend an OBP production and introduce yourself to us personally. Given the community nature of our group, we do not accept unsolicited scripts as we prefer to get to know the playwrights we work with ahead of time.


"the sickest show in town... capped by a resolution that is spiritual and hopeful."
-- Marc Miller, Backstage review of Killing Time